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The Italian paper tradition

Since 1878 the Cartotecnica Rossi brand has been acknowledged worldwide for the wide range of quality papers produced and the colours offered. These are all aspects that underline the experience and passion of this paper company.

Today, Cartotecnica Rossi continues to create exclusive products with special attention paid to the environment and striving to establish a relationship of trust with their clients. The careful management of environmental and eco-sustainable resources of their own production activities have driven the company to obtain the ISO 14001 and FSC® certifications (sustainable forest management and traceability of the by-products).

Cartotecnica Rossi products are genuine examples of 'Made in Italy’, born of passion, history, and expertise. Once you have become accustomed to such unique characteristics, you will never want to settle for less.


All of our papers are provided in conformity with the international FSC® certification, which is both independent and third-party, guaranteeing that these papers were produced with raw materials from plantations managed in compliance with rigorous environmental, social, and economic standards, producing social and environmental benefits.

Plantation owners and their managers participate in defining the management Principles and Criteria and aspire to obtain FSC® certification to demonstrate that they are running their plantations responsibly. FSC® certification can offer benefits along the entire supply chain. 





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Transform paper into small masterpieces: flowers, plants, animals, decorations, botanical elements... follow the artists’ instructions, learn new techniques, and paper will no longer hold its secrets from you.



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We present the best international crepe paper and tissue paper Artists. They are incredibly creative talents, capable of transforming paper into real masterpieces. Get to know them and start following them on social media!

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