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Ameli's flowers as a kind of meditation

Hello there! My name is Ameli Cheng!

I come from Taiwan and have been living in Germany since 2009. Shortly before I graduated in Cultural Anthropology and Art History in 2015, I understood that I was educated to work with theoretical matters, but I had a strong longing for creating something with my hands. So I started making some simple tissue paper pom poms myself and I found out that I love working with paper. Soon I stumbled upon crepe paper flowers and I was totally thrilled of their delicate and realistic appearance.

Really, my paper flower making has never been just a hobby. It was much more than that: Paper Art is a kind of meditation which let me relax from everyday trouble. A process that made me feel as if there were just me, crepe paper and my creations.

Quickly I understood that I would like to enjoy the creation process daily: so I turned my paper flower making into my fantastic profession. Recreating nature is a very interesting process, especially because nature always has been a huge source of inspiration, in various ways. With „Ameli’s Lovely Creations“ I'm able to make something that can be itself an inspiration to other people. A great feeling, indeed!

Since I have discovered the flower craft, crepe paper became my most favorite material. It is light, delicate and has a fine structure. Crepe paper’s variety of colors and weights makes this material suitable for producing different types of flowers and other plants. It can be sculpted according to one's wish, making an artist able to create petals of different sizes and shapes which renders this kind of material as very comfortable to work with.

Right now I have several projects running, whereas one of them (which I’m really looking forward to) is the presentation of my creations in a handmade store in Frankfurt, at the end of June 2016. I’m very excited about this. And, of course, I’m looking forward for more projects in the upcoming years.