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Dorthe: inspiring people

I'm Dorthe Kjeldgaard Rasmussen. After publishing the book “Pynt og pift” in 2007, I started my creative atelier Det Kreative Værksted – it can sound strange - at Gammelbro Gamping, in the small seaport Årøsund in south-eastern Denmark.

It's very rewarding to work with the creative process in focus and the atelier has always been the base of many individuals’ creative process. I love paperart and DIY with a lot of materials. From Easter to autumn my most important task is to serve and inspire people who work at the atelier. What a wonderful task! ;-) At other times of the year I develop new techniques and work with the host of materials. If I'm to describe myself with one word, it could only be “material-nerd”: I love testing materials. It is exactly when you play with the materials that new and good ideas arise.

My job is to promote creative processes. I don't make it for profit, but in order to create the right setting and an inspirational environment. That is just what Det Kreative Værksted is – both for them with and without creative blood in one’s veins.

If one was to ask whether it a coincidence that Det Kreative Værksted lies on a campsite, my answer would be yes and no. The management at Gammelbro Camping is very positive, could see the possibilities and is open to try out new ideas. With many possibilities available and a homely atmosphere, it is quite optimal that we arrange courses and workshops.

A lot of people are surprised that we are a service to campers and that other visitors only pay a modest amount per day to participate.

One of the things our visitors often choose to work with is paper. Paper in all shapes and sizes - especially crepe paper flowers are a hit right now. We have crepe paper in the entire range of colors in the fantastic Italian quality from Cartotecnica Rossi.

It's a material there has returned and once again become popular.

From my childhood I especially remember the paper roses we used to make to decorate the Christmas tree and the accessory to the bridal bouquet that my mother kept in a little box. I still keep a fan with small flowers on in the box ;-)

There are many things that I appreciate about my job. The large variation during the year suits me and I am fond of the fact that we can work with whatever inspires us and create new ideas. That our work isn’t just a commercial activity is very conducive to the creativity can flourish. At the end of this tourism season - in the fall - I'll be at the fair Kreative Dage in the city of Fredericia. It will be a good opportunity to have crepe paperflower workshops! I'm also filming some tutorials with focus on crepe paper, so... see you in the autumn on our YouTube channel!