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Elegance, through tissue paper shapes

I come from the country side of the northern part of Denmark, Scandinavia. I moved to the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, when I began my education af a fashion/clothes designer, my profession, originally.

I have always done my designs for a living and never as a hobby/diy. When I was young I did creative stuff (like drawing, painting, sewing, knitting, leather work, woodwork and of course paper cutting) all the time after school. At that time you could call it an hobby - an extremely passionate one - and at the same time- a learning process for a young girl like me, trying for the first time to do all these things myself = diy/dim ;-)

I started cutting using scissors at an early age. My mother taught me how to draw and cut my own paper dolls. I think that's when my paper passion started, maybe. Or maybe earlier even.

I realize that paperart – special using tissue paper - can be a business for me quite recently, a couple of years ago. I had been working in leather for the past many years, creating avant-garde jewellery in leather etc, but I discovered that if I cut out the same motifs and shapes in paper and not leather + used them for interior decorations in stead of "body decorations", people would understand my designs much better and use them much easier. In scandinavia people focus more on the interiors of their homes than on their clothes etc. the weather is colder here and one half of the year we cuddle up inbour homes. If I lived in Italy I would probably still be making leather craft :-P

An importan moment in my professional life was when I made the welcoming big photo-flower-wall for l'Oréal Paris at the Elle Style Awards in Copenhagen: here really started my business. It seems as if the whoke of Copenhagen saw this. At least the fashion industry, my primary clients.
In 2016 I have worked for mayor danish brands like Royal Copenhagen (porcelain), George Jensen (silverware etc), Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen (fine jewellery), Day Birger et Mikkelsen (womens wear) and many more.

Now I'm working on many projects, but I do not talk so much about them before clients has had the chance to do so themselves, though. Discretion is an old good virtue that I try to work by.

On Instagram I post most of my projects when they are official, so you can follow my work here.

Photo credits: Marie Louise Munkegaard