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From Germany... welcome Korinna!

My name is Korinna Krumpholz. I was born in Poland and I grew up in Germany, where I still live. Crepe paper art is not really common here in Germany, but it is amazing to be connected to a large world wide paper art community, through Social Networks!

I would describe myself as a creative person always on the look-out for new ways to express my creativity. As long as I can think I painted, made drawings, photographed! One day I discoverd cake art with all its glory... fancy fondant decorations, sugar lace and gumpaste flowers. This was my first contact with handmade flowers. With time my focus shifted though, and baking became secondary. But I still loved to create flowers, to assamble them petal by petal. Very soon, I discovered the world of paper flowers.

I'm quite new to paper art. First I worked mostly with metallic paper texture weight and, step by step, I discovered this incredible world of crepe paper art. And now I'm so glad I did.

In oder to make paper flowers, crepe paper is an ideal material: possibilities to use it are endless. After cutting the paper it can be shaped into form and the grain adds a more natural look to each petal.

For now, creating crepe paper flowers is a very passionate hobby of mine (but who knows what the future brings). 

Yes, I love paper flowers! Luther Burbank, an American botanist and pioneer in agricultural science once said: „Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul“. I believe that to be true for paper flowers too! And in addition to that, in each flower, I can express myself and add a personal note to my creations.
And of course... paper flowers last forever.