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Lightness for design, with Alessandra Fabre Repetto

My job as an eco designer comes from the passion for materials, techniques and color.
From paper jewelry, to eco-weddings, to home decor: I choose just poor materials.
I learnt a lot on internet, I spent all my nights following Japanese or French artists and during the day I was looking for the best materials in order to make paper necklaces, sculptures and lamps. I collaborated with some print shops where I was surrounded by paper, whose scraps went into big bins before going to the pulp. Stripes, rectangles of different types and colors: they were a great resource at my fingertips. That's how my art started.
Paper is a magical material for the endless possibilities it offers, it can be modeled, folded, rolled up, curled up, painted and each technique creates completely different effects. But above all, paper is slight!
This is why when we wear voluminous jewels we almost do not notice it.

In 2015, in setting up a Christmas exposition, I started using crepe paper to make Christmas trees, lanterns and my first 3D panels. Its elasticity is extraordinary and it can be modeled to create shapes that let light filter through: this is the aspect that I like the most and that makes it special, different from all others papers I know.
Before, I used to work mainly papier-mâché, with which I still make some lines of jewels and some arrangements for green weddings. So my research on crepe paper uses continued in the field of weddings, with the creation of cake topper and favors.
Couples dancing tango, men and women with hand-painted clothes, paper twists and swells in the folds of clothes and remains as if suspended, but giving the idea of movement.
It's in design that crepe paper finds its best expression. My first lanterns with small lights are followed by different models of lamps. The inspiration comes to me from the sea: snails, gastropods, sea snails. They are inhabitants of a submerged world that light up with a warm and suggestive light.

I continue exploring crepe paper potentials, working in particular with silver and gold metallic crepe paper, for a range of sculptures and lamps. I have also opened a shop on Etsy that allows me to sell abroad and some interesting collaborations are about to start.

Who knows future opportunities ...