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Metallized jewelry by Coco Delay

We met a young American artist who transforms metallic crepe into elegant jewelry!
Here's her story:

Why the company name Coco Delay? That's a fun story. There is a little game where you take the name of your first pet and combine it with the name of your first street. The combination of the two becomes your 'dancer' name. Our poodle was Coco and I lived on Delay Ave. My name is Marti but you can call me Coco.
I was born and raised in a California beach town and was a bit of a bohemian surfer girl. Later, my career in marketing and advertising took me all over the country and now I'm living in the beautiful state of Oregon.

As a child, my mother taught me how to make little folded boxes from old Christmas cards. Thus, began my love of paper and I have been passionate about paper art and design ever since.

I began using metallic crepe paper in my art over ten years ago, folding tiny paper tiles into mosaic designs.

When creating Coco Delay pieces, I use paper from around the world but the foundation for many of my designs is Cartotecnica Rossi gold and silver metallic crepe paper due to the quality, vivid colors and malleability. My designs are durable, comfortable and lightweight and, although they are not waterproof, they are water repellent and hold up well when introduced to moisture (although I wouldn’t recommend it).

In my experience, the metallic crepe papers manufactured by Cartotecnica Rossi are very high quality and, when coated with a non-toxic sealer, become very pliable where I am able to easily fold, roll, mold and collage with them. I love the rich textural quality of your papers; they just feel good in my hands.

I believe that paper can be a durable medium for jewelry if treated with the right sealer. I also use quality metal findings which adds stability to my creations.

I am a student of metaphysics and listen intently to my intuition for guidance. As paper art is my passion and provides endless creative opportunities, I was compelled to start this latest incarnation over one year ago, although I have been a paper artist for over ten years.

Currently, I work alone. One of the beautiful gifts that has emerged from this experience of making art is meeting so many wonderful artists in my community and around the world, in part thanks to the power of social media. These friendships and collaborations are very helpful in attempting to maintain the fine balance between making art and the challenging marketing aspects related to owning a small business.

I follow the works of many paper artists in the U.S. and around the world, including jewelers as Jeremy May (England), Francesca Vitali (Rochester, NY), Verso Studio (Seattle, WA) and others

My meditation and spiritual practice seems to be inextricably connected to my art. As I clear my mind, the ideas flow; sometimes they are good, other times not so great. But, I embrace them all as learning experiences.

I also think that life experiences have a profound impact on the creative process. I’m sure that my semi-bohemian upbringing has manifested itself into my designs.

Some of my designs actually come from collaborating with clients when they request a custom order. This is exciting to me and pushes my creative boundaries and leads me to investigate where I normally wouldn’t go in terms of color, shape and size.

An enjoyable aspect of making paper jewelry is the ‘surprise’ factor. Most people are in disbelief when I tell them my pieces are made from paper. It draws them in and makes for some entertaining interactions.

The most gratifying and surprising gift of the creative process for me is evolution; I never know when my next design idea will arrive and it is always a welcome intuitive experience. Quoting Picasso: “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working."

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