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So little, born in a sheet of tissue

Patricia amazes us with its refined sculptures made with tissue paper: they are colorful, they have a strong character and they seem to tell us so many compelling stories.
Here's their creator, with the simplicity and the smile of a child.


I am French, more precisely Breton.
I always loved to create, when I was a child I enjoyed not only to paint but also to make small things.
I'm growing up cultivating my passions, improving techniques and discovering new materials.
So, I'm working with tissue paper for 9 years. I like it for its lightness, for the delicacy required in its use and in its manipulation. I fell in love with its huge potential for transformation and its indescribable emotion when I give birth to a creation full of life, from a so simple material.
Of course, tissue paper is not all the same: I prefer the matte, with natural colors.

I realize many things, but my passion are the "children of paper" that I started to create just because I have always written, invented worlds and bizarre characters.
Model the tissue paper allows me to give them life. A life full of adventure, because I tell stories to everyone with my "children". Thus, during the representation in the window of a florist friend, a few years ago, I realized that this could become a profession.

I keep a sweet memory of a set-up in the vast stables
Domaine de Trévarez (Finistère, Brittany) for a story that I titled "The attic of wonders".
In collaboration with the stage, the lighting and various technical, I could recall the strength and sweetness of fairy tales from my childhood (realizing them in tissue paper). We were in a loft where, according to my history, an old aunt had collected those preciously objects that were proof of the real existence of fairy tales. You could found there the clothes of the 3 story traditional French "Donkeyskin", the White Rabbit clock of "Alice in Wonderland", the mirror of the stepmother of "Snow White", the coach and the shoe of "Cinderella", The hat of "Puss in Boots", the boots of the "Seven Leagues" ...

Future goals?
I hope to work more refined forms, and, if possible, to highlight some of my creations