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Tina Kraus: crepe paper insects and botanicals

I’m a paper artist and illustrator from Germany. I grew up south of Munich, but now in live in the northern part of Germany in Münster. I’ve been drawing and crafting with paper since I was able to hold scissors and pencils. When I was at high school I started to create my first pop-ups and for my diploma in design at the University of applied sciences (Münster in 2010) I created a delicate pop-up book about a vintage style circus.

I discovered (high quality) crepe paper more recently, about two years ago after seeing some paper flowers online. When I do pop-ups, I have to do a lot of planning and testing and calculations to make sure everything works. When I create the crepe paper plants and insects, I more or less make it up as I go and do it more intuitively. That is a relaxing change!

I started with creating flowers, but I was curious what else I could do with the crepe paper. And since I’ve always been fascinated with insects, I just tried to make one. Plus, some insects like the orchid mantis are mimicking flowers anyway.

I work mostly alone. Just for a pop-up project, I have been collaborating with my partner, who is also an illustrator. But I’ve just started to get serious with the crepe paper and I’m curious where this will lead. I guess it could be a rewarding experience to work with other artists and learn from each other.

Something special to tell you? I once was live on German television, teaching how to make a pop-up christmas card. This was both very terrifying and exciting!

Anyway... in future, I want to create more plants and animals with the crepe paper, because I have so many ideas for it.