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Tiziana, teacher in mood with paper

His tissue paper paintings, modern art, gave us a colorful and light desire to know her better.

We introduce Tiziana Bramati, italian artist - from Milan - who has turned into a mission his passion for paper: with manual art, thanks to his work as teacher, she wants to offer children a key to open the doors of adulthood.


When I was a child, I was fascinated by pieces of paper, because on it - with pencils and crayons – I could give vent to my fantasies. I hope it's still that for all of today's children.

I decided to devote myself entirely to my passion after high school that, by the will of my mother who wanted a daughter teacher, was not the art school I dreamed, but the teachers college. Following the desire to create and to use colors, I've chosen the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera: here I discovered a loto of ideas and new experiences.

After the academic diploma, I worked as magazines illustrator. Since 1984 I teach art in middle school and I enjoy doing it because I'm always immersed in the world of art and creativity.

After ten years in which I have produced very little because of my children and my family, I began to paint.

Tissue paper was my first passion for its flexibility. It 'clear, is moldable when wet, leaving colors and shades if you squeeze the water and is suitable to create those material effects that I always looking for.


I like porous paper too, because all the marks left by the brush, from pastel or pencil, are very expressive. I often work on cardboard: the cut along straight lines, curves, broken, with great ease. Beautiful for me are also the rolling paper, which lend themselves well to the material effects and can be colored or stained in effect. I also love the paper recycled, indeed sometimes prefer it because it carries the signs of aging.


In my school programs I insert often works with paper, especially for kids to get used to using their hands and simple tools, like scissors. If it seems trivial, I assure you it is not so.

In recent years, I see a serious inability to use hands and scissors in teenage boys, no longer accustomed to experiment and create, too busy by technologies that entertain without sweat and, often, they do not need thought. My subject, art and drawing, is remained the only one in this age that forces them to work with hands.


In the hands of my boys, the paper is then broken to make collages, shaped to make sculptures, crumpled to create expressive effects, cut to build coatings or silhouettes.

Everything get used to think, drives them to find new and original solutions, to elaborate experiences, in short, to CREATE.


I work as a painter too, as well as an illustrator of children's books. In this case for babies I used paper to make colorful pop - up books.

Lately, I plan to participate in an exhibition for recycling where will be exposed my sculptures in plaster and recycled boxes, near to sculptures assembled from wood discarded by luthiers.